Friday, 22 February 2013

Welcome to Nyamupur Village

Country: India
State: Uttar Pradesh
District: Sitapur
Block: Laharpur( 27 43'N 80 56'E)
Railway Station: Biswan(27 29'N 81 02'E )
Thana: Talgaon
Post Office: Navagaon Nevada(27 38'N 80 61'E)

Nyamupur, the Village of District Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh is situated 120 Mts. approx.
 above sea level, For the village Nyamupur latitude of 27 39'N and longitude of 80 59'E
 denote its geographical alignment. The specific latitude of the village suggests its position
 in Northern Hemisphere. The terra firma of Nyamupur is bounded by the Akabarpur,
 Kalabahadurpur, Navagaon, Sherpur, Jitamau and Sharifpur Kasmanda. Whole village is 
divided into four parts called twalas(Poorab, Paschim, Uttar, Dakkhin). Canal Sharda flows 
beside the village. The Village is situated at Laharpur-Biswan road, 12 Km. from Block
 Laharpur. Nyamupur is accessible from every part of Sitapur through road. It is directly 
connected with Biswan, Laharpur and Sitapur by road. Infact road link joins Nyamupur to 
Lucknow via Biswan, Sidhauli in the south-east and to Lakheempur via Laharpur in the
 west. The population of Nyamupur as per census 1991 is "Dhai Hazar lagbhag" and 
the area is 4 Sq. Km approx.


Village Nyamupur has almost uniformed tropical climate. The temperature varies from 
45 celcius
 maximum in summer to 5 celcius minimum in winter season. Rainfall is 100 cm. per annum.
 The forest area is negligible in the village. Shisham, Dhak, Mahua, Babul, Neem, Peepal,
 Ashok, Khajur, Mango, eucalypts and Gular trees are grown here. The main crops are wheat
, paddy, sugarcane, mustard, potatos and vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, tomato,
brinjals are grown here. Similarly sunflowers, Peppermint are cultivated on quite a large
area of the land. Apart from this different varieties of bananas and tomatos are grown
 in the village and exported to other cities too.